Saturday, 4 June 2016

Day 7: Off to Iceland by ferry

It will be a short ride today. 
The Smyril line ferry berth is about 5 minutes from our hotel in Hirtshals.
From our hotel room we have just watched the ferry M/S Norrona arrive. 
The port is very calm. Let's hope the North Sea stays calm for our four day trip to the Faroe Islands and to Iceland.

Dick has planned a two week trip around Iceland for Team Kiwi. 

First we have some lunch before we go aboard Norrona.
Dick really is in herring heaven. 
There is a local free herring lunch. Snaps or beer an optional extra.



Down to the check in and boarding lanes. I'll let Dick tell you about the wee frisson of excitement we had at check in. Needless to say all's well that ends well.
There are lots of bikes on vehicle deck 4. Top and tailed to fit them in.
Strapping Orlanda down for her voyage.
The first person we met on board was Asa Maria who is nursing her new baby hedgehog called Hulda. She had come to Demmark to purchase a new hedgehog from a breeder. Hulda is a creamy white hedgehog. They cost 1000DKr and live for 15-16 years. She has four other hedgehogs home. 
I remember putting out milk for hedgehogs when I was a child and having a step ladder in the cattle stop so that they could escape if they fell in. I also recall that they can swim in a swimming pool but not for very long. 

Our ship Norrona coming into port at Hirtshals.
Hirtshals is very sunny fishing port - during our visit.  While Southern Europe and London is cold and wet it is 28degC here.





john neas said...

the sky is amazing

Stuart said...

The ferry "Norrona" featured in an Icelandic noir murder-mystery shown in the UK earlier this year called "Trapped" ( Though how it could be described as "noir" with all that snow is anyone's guess ...