Saturday, 4 June 2016

Day 5: Heide Germany to Struer, Denmark via Tonder and Ribe. 316km

Today it is already warm 21degC at 8am as we are packing the bike ready to go north.

Each day on the road involves a quick and simple packing of one green bag and one yellow bag each. 
All my clothes and toiletries for five month fit into the green bag. Sandals, sneakers, my heated jacket and a few sundries fit into the yellow bag. Travelling with so few clothes makes packing a breeze. 
We can be up, dressed, breakfasted and packed within an hour.


Our first stop is Tonder, just over the border into Denmark.
Coffee and cake and a stroll around this pretty town.


Mark and Alex from Perth stop to chat. Meeting people on our journey is a highlight of every day. 

These containers were in the window alongside our bike.
Smile, you were born!
Life is a promise FULFIL IT.
NOW is the TIME
Good words for all of us.

Every field is filled with crops. Silage- and hay-making are underway.
We have seen very few animals our in pastures.

Houses with large barns nearby are typical. Many of the cows and pigs are barn raised. The fields are being cropped to make winter feed.

Next stop is an historic town Ribe. It is the oldest town in Denmark.


Some of the building are similar to the Viking structures in York in the UK.

Dome covered display cabinets displaying jewellery are dotted along the street. Pick me they say.

The cathedral. Originally built from about 1150-75. Restored in 1882-1904. Modern mosaics, frescoes and stained glass added in the 1980's created by the painter Carl-Henning Pedersen.


The  roundabouts on our route feature sculptures of different styles. This one looks like laser cut steel. 
The next one was a large stainless steel egg.

Home for the night is Struer. 
It is 27degC when we arrive. Warm and sunny. Long twilight reminds us of summer in Queenstown.

We are nicely placed to reach Hirtshals tomorrow.
But first we need to attend to one of our daily rituals...
... Charging our phones, cameras.iPads and Sena communication kit. This useful  little power adapter with two USB ports can charge six items. 
All of which have a part to play in keeping us connected either to each other or to you.

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Margit said...

You are great! How can you live with so little luggage. I will show you ours when we leave.
The toilet is a good idea, but might be difficult to sit this angle.
Every day something new and exciting, whow!