Thursday, 30 June 2016

Day 30: Geiranger to Molde. 120km 5 ½ hours

Geiranger is a tiny port. 
With very steep access and narrow streets. 
Each season many thousands of cruise ship passengers will arrive and go on excursions. Whichever direction will involve buses driving them up steep narrow roads with hairpin bends. 

Unwittingly we timed it well... We arrived late yesterday and departed early this morning before the buses were on the road.

Geiranger is a tourist Mecca. 
It is a bit like Milford Sound in New Zealand which is a similarly crowded place when tour buses arrive and guests go out on the sightseeing boats. 

I have selected some photos that show the road, the farms, the scenery. 
You can see what I see from the back of the bike.

Come, ride with us...


Farming high above the fjord on steep slopes.

Over the saddle and into farmland. Sheep, some cattle.


Down the mountains to the ferry...

Up we go to the Trollstegin highway.

Another splendid National Tourist Road centre.
Stunning building. The roof mirrors the jagged mountains and the angle of the rill echo the shapes.
This cantilevered viewpoint gave us another bird's eye  view of the road.
We watched for come time as buses, bikes, motor homes, trucks navigated the corners. Dick has some good photos of these on his blog.

Relax, sit back and enjoy the ride.


We descend into a valley with lush grass, potato fields and barley.
Just riding along to the next ferry ride...


Over the bridge to Molde.
Delicious cod for dinner.

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Dave Browning said...

Loving the scenery and I think that zig-zag road might beat the Milford road!! Dave