Thursday, 2 June 2016

Day 3: Brugge, Belgium to Alkmaar, Holland

We were having breakfast in the chandeliered breakfast room when we met a lovely kiwi family. Mark, Caroline and Jack who live in London. 

Adventurous Jack is now a member of Team kiwi.
Some kiwis will remember Belgian sausage. That's what our South Island butcher called it. In Auckland it is luncheon sausage.
Dick getting set for the day's ride.
These strawberries said 'pick me'.

Customers were treated very genteelly in the chocolatier. Each decision carefully considered.
When I asked at the information centre for information about restaurants serving local food the lady laughed and said there was Indian, Indonesian, Sri Lankan, Chinese. People here don't go out to eat what they could cook at home which she explained included potatoes with meat/chicken or pork and some vegetables. Sometimes to vegetables were all mashed up together.
However she suggested that the local cheese was served as fondue nearby and that it was good.
Yes, it was!

We also had a bouillon 'fondue' like a steam boat. Well prepared broth into which we put small pieces of pork, chicken and beef to simmer.
Of course the meal was served with - cone of frites.
Cheese fondue made with Beemster Cheese.
The cheese market is held in the street on Fridays. A 300 year old custom.

The cheese museum, on the edge of the market place, built in 1646

Distance today: 319km
Cool temperature -13.5degC in the morning.
No rain.

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Margit said...

In which town was the Cheese Market?