Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Day 23: Husavik to Borgafjordur. 300 km

Star billing for Lupins today.
Ubiquitous Lupins.
What persistent, tenacious plants they are here.
Growing where nothing else does,
Climbing up rock faces and mountain sides,
Making way for other plants to follow.

Two big attractions today...
Asbyrgi chasm and Dettifoss - the largest waterfall in all of Europe, big sister to six nearby by water falls.

A longish ride... 
Lots of gravel, loose gravel, compacted gravel, corrugated gravel, freshly graded gravel...

And a rainbow...
A timely answer to prayer as we ascend a gravel road into the murky mountain mist.

A later start, 
But that doesn't matter because it will be daylight for 24 hours.
We thought we'd have lunch on the way. 
It was some hours before we spotted a place with food - a farmhouse serving coffee and cake.
Warm rhubarb and berry cake and coffee costs 2400Kr -  $NZ27
Captive market. 

All national parks have free entry but facilities within them may have a charge. For example the toilets at Thingvellir were 200kr/$NZ2.28 and they had a credit card payment option. There are lots of folk museums which have a charge - usually around 1000Kr/$NZ11.36. 
We discovered that there is a senior rate. We don't feel old enough so forget to inquire.


Lush growth in the sheltered Asbyrgi chasm.  
Lush compared with the moon like landscapes we ride through for the most of the day.

Asbyrgi chasm. Odin was here so the myths say. 
Some people are apparently reverting to early Viking pagan religious beliefs.
Into the canyon at Dettifoss.


Coffee and cake at a farm house.


Lots of vibration therapy today. 
The first corrugations since we arrived.

Up and over a mountain pass.


Looming low cloud.
Are we going up there? 
but be assured, 

The steepest, loosest and....

And sometimes slipperiest roads we have encountered in Iceland. 
 Phew, there is Borgafjordur.
Home in another converted fish factory awaits.

Another day when the sun never sets.

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