Saturday, 18 June 2016

Day 20: Laugerbakki to Akureyri. 200km. Total distance so far 5,026km

We stayed at Laugerbakki hotel which has been a hotel for a month.
It used to be a school. Orn and Hylda are doing a great job creating a welcoming hotel with lovely staff.

It has been a joy to talk with young people today.
Julia talked to me about life as a high school student in Reyjkavik. 
Later in the day we met some high school graduates in Akureyri.  
Their graduation celebrations are held  on Independence Day.
Today is  Iceland's Independence Day. In 1944 Iceland gained independence from Denmark after five centuries of foreign rule. 

Our day began a little later than usual. It was raining and since we had only 200km to ride we waited till the weather began to clear.
In the meantime Dick had herrings for breakfast, lots of herrings.
As the weather cleared we rode out to Akureyri.

Dramatic skyscapes, some drizzle, blue skies, lush farmland...
A brief stop  at a petrol station for coffee and a pylsur or hotdog. 
I have included step by step photos so that you can make your own.

As we enter Akureyri I notice a very distinctive shared red light on the traffic light sign. 
A portent of a special place.

Lest you are thinking that we are eating everything we see... 
We have to heed the following...
Motorcycle clothes are uncompromising.
Increase in body weight is counterbalanced by decrease in wallet weight in Iceland.
Riding a motorcycle in this cold climate is energy intensive.

Ruth sent me a link to an article by Norman Doidge about Oliver Sacks. 
The word gratitude leapt out.
We are filled with gratitude for each day on the road.
Gratitude for the people we meet,
Gratitude for each other,
Gratitude for the opportunity to see the beauties of creation,
Gratitude for a fine reliable BMW 1200 GSA motorcycle,
Gratitude for the the freedom to be on the road,
Gratitude for being able to have an adventure
Gratitude for seeing the world anew...

I am especially filled with gratitude for Dick who drives me to new places to make new friends and to see such marvellous things.
He is an inspiration, a terrific planner and a wonderful loving husband.

I am truly blessed.

 Dick's breakfast
Julia - a lovely conversation? Lie, most young people Julia has excellent English. Children begin English lessons in elementary school.
We have noticed that a lots of signage is in Icelandic and in English. 

Orlanda leaving 'school' which is the Laugerbakki Hotel.

Stockyards. I saw several of these stock pens today. Interesting geometry.

Heart sqhaped red traffic lights were introduced during the financial crisis.  I later discovered that ther are heart shapes hanging in many windows in homes and shops in Akureyri.
 A colourful welcome to Akureyri.
 Broom is an ornamental plant here.

This golden retriever, Josh, came from Hungary. People have dogs as pets. We have seen a wide variety of breeds. 
There is a special breed of Icelandic  sheep dogs.

A chance meeting with some New Zealand friends.

Jon Oskar  Andresson and Baldvin Ingimar Baldvinsson two graduates in Akureyri. Delightful young men. They are wearing caps to denotes they are graduates. In a year's time they will remove the white cover and wear the black hat. They are entitled to wear the black hat each year after that. They are 20 years old and will take some time out before they begin university study.
Tonight they have a special dinner, a ball and a parade to attend.

Ivar Orn Arnason is the high school graduate in this lovely family group.
His mother, Bryndis Arnars and his sister are wearing the black caps. I was delighted that they were happy to take time during  this special occasion to talk.

How to make a pylsur - Icelandic style hotdog.
Place a sliced bread roll onto a open paper container, 
place a layer of shopped raw onion and a layer of  crispy fried onion onto the bread roll...
Pour a stream of remoulade or mayonnaise along the onion layers...
Then a stream of tomato sauce from a bottle that resembles a cows udder...
Then a stream of mustard from a similar bottle...
Place the warm hotdog on top...
We had half each and that kept us going until mid afternoon.



Julie said...

Ah, the Icelandic hot dog! So delicious. We are in the habit of eating one on our way to the pools for a soak.

Margit said...

I love your entertaining blog with these beautiful photos. You are very good with this. Congratulation