Thursday, 16 June 2016

Day 18: Bildudalur to isafjordur 160km

Serene port scenes at the start of the day.
Four mountain passes.
Lots of gravel roads
A grader driver to remind us of Patagonia,
A Belgian waffle and coffee,
A car wash, 
A 6km tunnel. with a side tunnel heading off at a tangent to another destination
Snow  on the mountain tops
Waterfalls, large and small, some with rainbows.
Butter cups, dandelions and Iceland poppies
New friends and a Delicious fish  meal 
24 hours of sunlight. 

Another wonderful day on the road.




Where is the pillion passenger. This brought back memories of  a similar experience in the wilds of Patagonia with Ken and Radioman, Mark.
This was a well-managed man, motorcycle and loose gravel incident.

Mieke who arrived from  Germany yesterday serves us the first Belgian waffle she has made. 
Served with rhubarb jam and cream, a cappuccino and a lovely smile.

Afterwards Dick made good use of the car wash next door. Both Orlanda and our boots were much cleaner as a result.





The breakfast to sustain us over four mountain passes today.

Salome at Tjorhusid restaurant made us very welcome. While we waited for a table at this popular Isafjodur fish restaurant we chatted with Laurence and Connie from Switzerland. They visited New Zealand last year.  It was lovely to meet them and to have dinner together.
Delicious fish soup with coconut milk was followed by salad and then wolf fish, halibut, plaice and Greenland halibut. The fish was served in huge paella sized pans.  We helped ourselves. The restaurant is a family-owned and run restaurant. Guests were seated at communal tables. There was a sense of camaraderie and real enjoyment of the beautifully cooked fish. 



Isajfjordur is 66deg 4'33" north, almost on the Arctic Circle.
The sun rises and sets at midnight tonight according to my phone. 

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