Sunday, 12 June 2016

A day in Rejkavik

These four bas relief works by Hulda Kakon in an exhibition called Petur (Peter) at Hallgrimskirka captured my attention.
The exhibition  reminded me of my friend Joce and On the Edge where today's art can speak to us of truths.
It reminded me too, of my friends at St Peter's in Queenstown, NZ.

Peter the fisherman. The ocean. Fish.
Stepping out of the comfort of our 'boat'


Hallgrimskirka is the local parish church. 
It is stunning. Simple. 
Almost unadorned in Lutheran style.
Named after the 17th century Icelandic poet and clergyman  Hallgrimur Petrssun author of passion hymns. The architect was Guojon Samuelsson.



Internal reflection in this beautiful font.
A lot of internal reflections happens for me on the back of the motorcycle.


The city view from the tower.

Back out on the street.
Live music.
This singer had a glorious voice.
She was wearing pearls...
Riotous music outside the cafe.

Colour pops out - especially on an overcast day like today.
The colour run was happening as we walked by.
The smell of chalk dust reminded of classrooms.
Clever sculptures in public places.

This structure is Perlan - the Pearl.
The glass dome is a restaurant. 
It sits atop four huge reservoirs of hot water which is reticulated through the city to heat offices and homes.
82% of buildings in Iceland are warmed with geothermal hot water.

We visited the National Museum of Iceland. The permanent exhibition is a marvellous collection of artefacts that provide insight into the making of a nation. 

Icelandic fish and chips.
Our friend Pete had told us that he thought that the fish in chips he had eaten in Iceland might be better than those at Mangonui in New Zealand.
The cod was succulent. The chips were roast potatoes so I couldn't make a fair comparison.
The mango salad and lemon and dill dipping sauce (lemon oil, fresh dill in skyr the local yoghurt) were excellent.
We are enjoying local coffee, too. 

We are now well rested and ready to begin our ride to the West fjords tomorrow. 

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