Saturday, 28 May 2016

First stop London.

While Dick goes to collect Orlanda from the freight company I go for a long walk along the Thames path from Greenwich to the Millenium Dome.
Names like Enderby wharf, Mordern wharf are now attached to new apartment developments. Whaling ships and Antarctic explorers sailed from here. Submarine cables were made and shipped from Enderby wharf from the 1800s. Bollards and old wharf structures on the Thames shoreline are the remains of centuries of shipping. Photos to come.

Later Melba and I went to the Victoria and Albert Museum. Afternoon tea in the courtyard. Children playing in the pond. A robot in the corner creating a sculpture. 
Two special exhibitions inside - Botticelli revisited and Paul Strand photographs. 
A robot has been creating a structure in the courtyard at the  Victoria and Albert museum.

Only in England?
Pimms at 5 pm.

The Cutty Sark at Greenwich
And home to an early birthday treat - a raspberry cake to welcome us to Greenwich.
I have had a lovely day, meanwhile...
Dick has fetched Orlanda. 
Riding a motorbike from Heathrow to Greenwich without the aid of GPS is a nightmare. 
An early appointment at BMW Motorrad at Battersea is scheduled for tomorrow.


john neas said...

Bon voyage Dick and Diana. We will be following your travels with great interest. With love and regards. John and Jenni

Diana Hubbard said...

Thanks John and Jenni. It is lovely to have you along for the journey.