Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Day 2: Folkestone to Brugge via the Eurotunnel train

We crossed the Channel on the train through the Eurotunnel. 
Thanks to Fern who helped us by phone booking from the Ace Cafe. £49 for the bike and us. Half hour check-in and about half an hour in the train. We saw no sign of refugees as we rode through Calais. Lots of security wire though.

Cool and cloudy weather turned to rain just before we arrived at Brugge. 
We found a centrally located hotel - the Golden Tree. Handy to the Market place and a short walk to the restaurants and cafes.
Lightening with instant thunder made us glad we were sitting in a cafe drinking hot chocolate. Not so pleasant for the horses and their wagon masters standing in the rain.
I have just about sorted my photo issues and will post photos separately instead of collage format.
Google's changes in the blogger app have meant some relearning for me, too. Everything on blogger works through Google+. I wish I hadn't clicked the App update. If you have a gmail email address you will be ahead of me and will have noticed the changes. I have a hunch that Google have restricted the comments option to people who are signed up
to Google+.
In the meantime I have set up a Facebook page Facebook.com/PearlsOnWheelsMotorcycleJourneys/

The food images - a wonderful omelet and a local Flemish pork cheek dish served with apple sauce.
And images of renowned lace from Brugge. 

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