Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Day 1 Greenwich to Folkestone

Goodbye to Hamish and Melba and Peter the Great.
He was here in the 1600's learning about how the Britannia ruled the waves.

Greenwich is chocked fill with history. Henry V111 and Elizabeth 1 were born here. The  merchant and naval shipping power was based here.
And now Greenwich features in our own wee slice of history.

We met Mark at the Ace Cafe. HIs opening question was "which unsung New Zealand hero won the war for Britain?" "Keith Park," we said. Mark supports the move to have a statue of sir Keith Park permanently on display in Britain. 

As promised I am including some food photos. We couldn't get more English  than a full breakfast and roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.  
I am trialling collages for posting photos. Let's see how it goes.

Distance today: around 180km 
Time on the road: 7 hours 


john said...

Hi Di,
I prefer single photos to collage. Cant see the detail of the pics in the collage. Pics require more scrolling but I put up with such a trifling inconvenience.

Diana Hubbard said...

Thanks- I appreciate your helpful feedback.