Monday, 30 May 2016

A fine farewell from Fern

We set off from the prime meridian in Greenwich for the Ace Cafe in North London. 28km away. 3 ¼ hours later we arrived. 
We now fully accept that taking an hour to drive 2km up Symonds street last week in Auckland was perfect preparation for riding from the Chelsea embankment to Brompton Rd.  

Everything has a purpose under heaven.

Just as well I am well balanced. 
There was a lot of staying in one place and inching along.

The Ace Cafe is a mecca for motorcyclists. Today was no exception. Hundreds of bikes. A memorial ride for veterans had arrived before us.

We had a full English breakfast even though it was afternoon. Brown sauce for my driver.

Fern Hume, our friend, and intrepid  motorcycling adventurer was on hand to perform the  ceremonial farewell.
Fern left the Ace Cafe several years ago and rode solo to New Zealand through Iran and the stans and Pakistan and India.
We rode south to Folkestone via a complete tour of the map of central London.

We received a warm welcome at the Leas Best Western Clifton hotel from Tommy and Andrei who gave us some good tips for places to ride in Romania. 

I have misplaced the device for transferring photos from my SD card to my iPad. Full service will resume shortly.

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Stuart said...

I'm sorry I missed you when you were in the UK!