Thursday, 17 March 2016

On the Road again

We are proposing to go on a long,  long ride in late May, 2016.

We are planning some rides on Orlanda in New Zealand as preparation.  

This trip takes us through the backcountry around the Eyre Mountains in the Wakatipu region near Queenstown. 
We cross lake Wakatipu aboard TSS Earnslaw to Walter Peak, then ride to Mt Nicholas and through the Von Valley to Mavora Lakes and Lake Manaouri to Tuatapere.
The reward is meal of Blue Cod and Oysters at the Waiau Hotel at Tuatapere.

Its a good day for a ride...

 Orlanda takes Dick aboard  Earnslaw.
 Its another gorgeous day in Queenstown. We have had an extraordinarily sunny summer.
 We disembark at Walter Peak and ride along Lake Wakatipu to Mt Nicholas Station.

We are sharing the road today with lots of cyclists who are riding the Round the Mountain Bicycle trail.
 This is an isolated farming district. We are fortunate that there is a well-formed road. Something that the early settlers who built this homestead would not have had.
 We ride through big wide open valleys...
 .. and take a side trip to Mavora Lakes.

Clouds appear as we arrive in Tuatapere. 
We discover that we have been fortunate - a southerly gale has blown through toward the east.

Our home for the night is  Waiau Hotel at Tuatapere.  A dozen Bluff oysters are Dick's reward.  Fresh blue cod is mine.


Bobi Petch said...

So looking forward to next ADVENTURE in May Diana.. Sending you love..X

Diana said...

Thanks, Bobi. Let's see where my driver takes us...

Margit said...

Hi Diana, going over your old blogs again. I never saw these photos before. And some writing as well. Strange, but lovely to see and read.