Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Part 3 Antarctic Peninsula January 2015

When we rode the bike into Ushuaia in December 2012 we hoped that one day we would board a ship and sail to the Antarctica and Complete the Ice to Ice Adventure.

In January 2015 we set off on a cruise to Antarctica.

Brown Research Station is staffed by Argentine researchers.
We were closely monitored as we walked between the metal-clad buildings.

The numbers of tourists allowed onshore at any time is restricted to 100 by a voluntary agreement among Antarctic tour operators 
Since our ship had around 170 passengers we went ashore in two shifts. Whilst half our number were ashore the others spent an hour and a half zodiac cruising through icebergs observing bird and sea  life.

There were strict requirements for decontamination  of our boots when we re-boarded Ocean Diamond.
Brown Research Station

 Dick took up the snow shoeing option.

 I went for a walk.
Ski poles were good substitutes for crutches.
Note my Tilley hat which had travelled everywhere with me since June 2012 when we began our motorcycle journey in Vancouver - the home of tilley hats.

 Mosses and worts...
 ...and large seals
 Ice for a gin and tonic. Plenty for everyone.

The afternoon landing involved going ashore onto a very rocky beach.
 A good challenge for me.

Gentoo  penguins are better adapted to getting around in this location than I am.

Back to the ship after another spell-binding day.

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