Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Part 4 Antarctic Peninsula - January 2015

When we rode the bike into Ushuaia in December 2012 we hoped that one day we would board a ship and sail to the Antarctica and Complete the Ice to Ice Adventure.

In January 2015 we set off on a cruise to Antarctica.

The expedition crew comprised an exceptional group of experts in polar history, geology, birds and sea life. Their input ensured this cruise in unlike any other we have done.
For example Tom Hart and Hila levy from Oxford university were on board and were conducting  penguin research on shore.
The ship's destination each day was determined by weather and ice conditions. The maps at the end of this post show the zigzag direction of the ship.  We managed to make land fall at all possible locations apart from Marguerite Bay where there was too much ice.

 Al fresco dining on deck-  long twilight and a very cold evening.
Kayaking was an option, Stand up paddle boarding, too.

One last shore landing.

 These views from the bridge give an indication of the stormy return crossing of the Drake Passage.

Safe harbour.
All is calm in Ushuia.

These maps show our route from Ushuaia and back via Marguerite Bay south of the Antarctic Circle 

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