Friday, 9 January 2015

Return to Ushuaia

We have returned to Ushuaia, Patagonia to complete the Ice to Ice adventure. 
We are going to Antarctica.

But first we must go to La Estancia for dinner...

... And then to Javier's place for a wonderful welcome and for coffee.

Then to Lapataia to El Fin del Mundo.

The end of the world and the beginning of everything.


Stuart said...

Is there an update on this adventure. Hope everything is OK.

Diana said...

Hi Stuart, Thank you for asking.
No, the massive Asado meal wasn't our undoing...
Our ongoing motorcycle adventures have been interrupted by family events and my fractured ankle(look at the last photo in the post:-) ).
We are in Queenstown, NZ where we are building a house.
My driver is working on plans for another very long ride in 2016.
You have inspired me to post about our glorious Antarctic journey.

Stuart said...

Good to know you haven't fallen off the edge of the world. Also good to know you made it to Antarctica. I look forward to blog updates as and when you're able.

Diana said...

Thanks for your prompting, Stuart. I have just had a lovely time looking through the photographs and remembering the amazing journey to Antarctica that we had.

Stuart said...

Good stuff!

I went to see Noah's Ark in January:

and hope to return this September when I won't be frozen to death! Antarctica - I'll give it a miss.