Thursday, 14 August 2014

Day 79: San Francisco to San Simeon 386km

We are on our way South from San Francisco to Monterey and the coastal Big Sur route on California hwy1.But first..Dick has a city tour on the bike for me...

The summer of love (July - September) 1967...

Haight Ashbury district.
Psychedelia for the tourists.

Through the Southern suburbs.

We are in California...
.. And through a tunnel...
...with a long slow line of traffic heading South.

The cloud bank is waiting off shore again today.
Nevertheless it is a cool 60deg F and we have three Icebreaker layers on.
Pickers are bent over harvesting in the strawberry fields.
Globe artichokes by the acre.

Signs offer 10 artichokes for $1.

We stop for lunch in Monterey...
.. And set off on the Bug Sur highway 1.

There are many other motorists with the same plan.

It is a wonderful clear day with spectacular views of the Ocean.

We are on the sea side of the road as we ride South. Sometimes there are no barriers and I can see over cliffs to the ocean below. This is an advantage of riding on a motorcycle.

To the north,

To the South.

Near San Simeon we can see the effect of the drought which is described as being the worst in decades.

At the hotel the restaurant is not routinely pouring iced water for guests. Everywhere we have been this is the first thing that happens when you sit down at a table. Not here. The notice says that because of the drought they have discontinued the service. Guests may request glasses of water if they wish.

On the distant hill top is the Hearst Castle.

We opt for a hotel by the beach for the night.

A long leisurely ride with magnificent ocean views.

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