Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Day 78: Mendocino to San Francisco 250km

Today is a special day. If everything goes well we will be in San Francisco tonight. After our wonderful ride yesterday we think that California. Highway 1 is better than the Tail of the Dragon in Tennessee.Today, the sea views along the coast of Mendocino and Sonoma and Marin county are an added bonus. Especially since the sea mist has stayed off shore.

The photographs tell the story...

The sea mist is staying off shore today.

This coast has a distinctly hippie feel.
We are driving along enjoying the rural scene and suddenly we are on freeway on ramp...
and entering a tunnel and...

Riding on the Golden Gate Bridge.
Onto the streets of San Francisco,

And back to the Hotel near Fisherman's Wharf ...

... where our journey began on Flower Power on 5 May.

Hallelujah and Praise The Lord.

We are here tonight and then will ride to Los Angeles on the Big Sur highway 1 tomorrow.


Scotty said...

Will you be coming back north?
We always say that Hwy 1 is proof that God loves motorcycles.

Diana said...

We are South bound - all the way to New Zealand tomorrow.
We totally agree with you highway 1 was one of the best roads we have ever ridden on.