Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Day 76: Coos Bay OR to Eureka CA 345km

We are riding South on Highway 101 along the Pacific coast today.

A misty start to the day.

These estuarine marshy areas are signposted as Sloughs.

On a morning like this they look like the Slough of Despond.

We are riding through rain forest for most of the morning.
Some redwoods make their appearance.

We have been promised great things about the Redwoods that we will see on this road.

This gentleman moves over and waves us through.

It is really great when motorists allow us through on these winding roads. Motorcyclists can manoeuvre the bends much better than cars and we prefer to be in front so that we can make the most of every winding turn.

We cross the border into California.

Complete with some California poppies on the road side to welcome us.

Soon the sea mist falls.

The atmosphere is quite eerie.

Just as in life...

...around the corner ...

...out comes the sun.

We stop at Gold Beach for coffee.

This dog amuses me enormously - and other onlookers.

Take a peek at thisYouTube clip. YouTube Dog pushes stone.

She is pushing a this heavy stone around. A trick for Anne to teach Elly.

Meet Roger at Gold Beach. He owned eleven motorcycles at one stage. Mostly Suzukis and Honda.

He has ridden across the USA several times, once in a 250cc Honda.

We are enjoying the seascapes.

And the winding roads.

Along highway 101 we are frequently reminded that we are either entering or leaving a tsunami zone.

We decide to stop in Eureka.

There is a lovely refurbished old town area.

Restuarant 511 beckons us in.

Salmon and tuna sliders to start.






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