Thursday, 17 July 2014

Days 52 and 53 Montreal to montebello to north bay Ontario 515km

Au revoir Chantal et Jean - see you in New Zealand.

Jean has given Dick some suggestions for rural roads along the Ottawa River to Ottawa.
It is overcast when we set off.
Then it begins to rain just before we cross on the river ferry.
We have had very little rain since we began this adventure.
We find a Tim Hortons coffee shop and decide to wait it out.
Dick checks out accommodation while we wait.
The finds is a very conveniently located Fairmont hotel at Montebello which is not far away.
It is a nice place to stay.
We have had two long days on the road and this seems like a good option to riding in the rain.
The hotel is on the river shore and the gardens are beautiful.

There is a potager garden out in front of the dining room.

The next morning is sunny and we ride out.
First stop is breakfast where we meet Richard Harvey who is riding east. We love these chance meetings, especially with other riders.
Our Garmin took us into the heart of Ottawa.
We rode past the government buildings and through the main streets....
Where a church bill board confirms a dream I had this morning...
...on we go out into the country side...

...through small towns
... past farmers making hay while the sun shines.

...past holiday place on river bends...
... further west with darkening clouds...
... beside small lakes, until we reach North Bay, Ontario.

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