Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Day64: Hamilton MO to McCall ID


We set off early this morning.
We have an extra special destination today.
We ride over the Lolo Pass through extensively burned forests.
In 1804 Lewis and Clark and their guides walked through these Bitterroot Mountains on their expedition to and from the Pacific Coast.
First stop is Lolo.

Kevin and Bill Idaho bikers waiting for coffee at Lolo.

Meet Olga and Brian who live in the wilderness. Brian is an artist and makes kaleidoscopes. We had an other worldly conversation about life here and synaethesia. They are attending...
The Shanty moon festival combined with an Alien Abduction Festival. Electronic music and laser art. It is 8.00am and music is wafting across to the store.
We are riding alongside the Lochsa river. It is very cool-hovering around 50degF
The valley widens and the temperature rises 20degF at Kooskia...

Where we meet David who is on a ride from Oregon.
Lily is cooking western hash browns for Dick's lunch.
First peel and parboil baking potatoes. Cool and grate them.
Sauté chopped onions, capsicum and ham.
Sauté the grated potatoes until brown, turn and top with the sautéed onion mixture.
Top with grated cheese and cover for a few minutes.
Lift the lid and squirt some water onto the griddle and replace the lid.

Turning my hot cake.

Mary with the western hash browns - enough food for four people.

And a hot cake for me. It is a huge pancake served with butter and syrup.

We set off down the Salmon river

There are rafters and swimmers out on the river.

The landscape reminds us of Central Otago.

We arrive at the global headquarters of the Shallow Thinking Institute in McCall, Idaho.

We are so glad to be here with our friends and founders of the Institute Anne and Joe.

Take a peek at my Come, Walk with me blog and you will read about my walks with Anne in Queenstown on the 45th parallel South.

Within the hour Radioman, our friend Mark arrives.

We head off to Lake Payette for a swim.
There are ripe huckleberries under the trees. Anne and I go foraging huckleberries.
While Joe, Mark and Dick catch up.


Scotty said...

Wow, you are almost back to my neck of the woods. There are many hot springs along the Salmon River. Most of them are free, just look for the steam. Any chance of meeting, even for a quick meal, would be most welcome. Are you coming back to California?

Diana said...

We are in the northwest for a week or so. W
e will be leaving from San Francisco. Date to be confirmed. So maybe we can catch up.