Thursday, 31 July 2014

Day 66: McCall ID

McCall is a small town in the heart of Idaho, near lake Payette and the mountains. It feels like Queenstown to us.
Come and find out a little about life here.
In the garden is a huge rock with corn grinding holes which would have been used by Nez Perce women centuries ago.
We head off to the Ridleys supermarket.
I don't believe Joe when he tells me that I can buy a gun at the supermarket.
Sure enough.
Inside the supermarket there is an Outfitters department with hunting and fishing gear, including guns.
Meet Mike, a lovely gentleman.
When we tell Mike that we are from New Zealand he said, "You lost your rights a long time ago."
I ply him with many questions about how gun ownership works in the US. "Can I buy a gun today?"
He tells me "an armed society is a polite society."
Gun ownership in Idaho is a human right.
Semi automatics.
I could shoot as many bullets as my finger can press the trigger until the magazine is empty. A magazine holds forty bullets.
The pink camouflage catches my eye. I could have it for $529.99 today- providing I get the gun clearance which Mike can deal with online.
Mind you, I'd have trouble fitting it in my motorcycle jacket pocket or in a pannier.
My photographer got a bit nervous for the next two photos.
The 357 Magnum is very heavy. Lovely metal work. I guess Clint Eastwood thought so in the film Dirty Harry.
The little pink derringer 38 special fits in the palm of my hand so it would easily fit in my motorcycle jacket. It is quite heavy for its size.
So, I could buy a rifle today (if my profile gets the OK) but I can't buy a handgun unless I am an Idaho resident for six months.
However, I do know some Idaho residents...
Children's rifles. Pink for girls.
We leave the gun department and the men choose a watermelon. So much safer, don't you think?
Everything is super sized in the supermarket.
26ounce cups.
Idaho is famous for its potatoes. The Burbank russet potato developed developed by Mr Simplot here in Idaho is used by McDonalds throughout the USA.
We call in to Dave Clutter Morocycle centre and drop Dick's bike off to get a new rear tyre.
Dave is a motorcycle MacGyver.
Let's go and enjoy a slice of paradise.
Joe and Anne take us for a visit with their friends Robyn and Don who have a family holiday house on the shores of Lake Payette.
Robyn skippers the party boat and takes us for a cruise around the lake.
Across the bay some of the family young ones are on the rocks
There are lovely homes scattered around the shore.
Elly comes along, too. She adores Anne. It is reciprocal.
Huckleberries in profusion.
Orlanda looks so good that Joe is ready to ride...
Dave and Sheila operate the coolest bike service shop we have encountered.
It's the first time I have seen Dick hug someone at a Motorcycle workshop.
A glorious end to another lovely day in McCall, Idaho.



Ken said...

Hi Diana. Interesting comments on guns. In NZ we register gun owners and not guns. We have 220,000 registered gun owners and an estimated 700,000 - 1.3 million guns. Our rate of gun ownership is probably higher than that of the US. Not so much for handguns I suppose. A polite society? Hmmmm - I'll have to think about that!

jocelyn grantham said...

Hi Diana
What a wonderful photo record of your travels! I enjoyed reading your observations and comments too.
Miss you!