Saturday, 26 July 2014

Day 60: Deadwood

Come and visit Deadwood with me.

I set off on an early morning walk.

The sun is up earlier than I am today.

Grand stone and brick buildings and paved streets are a feature. This is the Post office.
Meet Blayne the postman, in front of the post office, out early on his round.
The Adams museum reflected in our hotel window.
Meet Ted Glover who warmly welcomed me to the Adams museum and guided me to some key treasures...
Including this bible chest which came to America on the Mayflower.
I love seeing textiles from another era.
This altar cloth was in the private chapel of CzarIna Alexandra.
The family who donated it to the museum purchased it in Russia during the soviet era.
A gorgeous 19th century embroidered Croatian skirt reminded me of our Croatian family.
The Franklin Hotel one of the grandest hotels of its era.
Like many buildings in this town it houses lots of gambling tables and slot machines. The proceeds are used for historical purposes...
This bike looks like a sibling of Mella. The rider was on the move so I couldn't find out more. The plates were from Alberta.
We went on the bus tour. Smart choice because it was hot - 95degF
Sawdust on the floor of this Saloon no10 which is also a museum.
Meet the Days of 76 Rodeo Queens for Deadwood 2014.

Melynda, a cosmetologist, Martina a high school student, Morgan studying nursing at Mitchell university, and Kelly who wants to be a teacher.

They are signing autographs and being delightful ambassadors for the rodeo.

Many bikers are in town.
Sturgis Motorcyle Rally is next week and people are beginning to congregate.
Sturgis is about 25 km from Deadwood. More on Sturgis tomorrow.
Regine and Barbara from Germany.
I wandered through the antique store which filled the first three storeys under the guest room floor of Deadwood Dick's Hotel.
Eye catching things...
"Choose me" called this pearl necklace.

I popped the pearls on, paid my $20 and Larsen said to me...
"Those pearls look as good on you as they did on my mother."
After meeting the rodeo queen quartet in the afternoon we decided to go to the local Days of 76 rodeo. This rodeo has the reputation as one of the best rodeos in the US.
Morgan, Miss Rodeo Queen on duty.
The girls rhave various tasks on horseback. They tidy away the calves after the rope tying, they ride around carrying banners at the end of each event.
Being a Rodeo Queen is a big deal. They get to go to the national rodeo in Las Vegas. Miss Rodeo Queen USA is as big as Miss America.
Here are the main players...

A hug from Mum.

Fine hats.

Meet lovely Mary who, with her husband and daughter, is on the road throughout the rodeo season each summer. The family sells boots and hats.
If I wasnt on a motorcycle....

And nearby you can buy a lariat...

And... Some images for the Savills...

Kit for your horse
A fine saddle and leather canteen

Together with a fine smile.












Dave Browning said...

We are loving the Blogs, Diana. Looks like great scenery and friendly people. Wet here in Auck. and cold down south! Stay well. D & J

Diana said...

Thanks. Glad you are enjoying the blog.
We feel very blessed with the weather.
We are riding through rural heartland and people are very friendly everywhere we go.