Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Day 58: Huron SD to Wall SD 362km

Let's leave early this morning.

The forecast temperature high is 105degF at Wall, South Dakota.

Good morning Loree.

Loree is on a genealogical trip with her husband. Local county offices and courthouses hold useful records. Good luck with your research.

The road west out of Huron is dominated by these monstrous silos.
Compare their size to the trucks on the road.
Most days we visit a gas station.
17.8l, $1.70/l

Time for a sunrise selfie.
Riding west.
What's that haze ahead?
It's fog

Bleak fog.

Fog doesn't daunt bikers.
Apparently summer fogs are common. The cool air from the rivers meets the humid air over the fields.
It clears after 100km or so.
Meet Doug, Gary and Randy (retired and loving it).
These gentlemen are happy to talk about life in Pierre, capital city of South Dakota.
The wheat crops are golden.

A line of six combine harvesters each with a truck to collect the wheat grains is on its way through the field.
Later we see trucks waiting to have their loads stored in the silos.
For the last half an hour of our ride today the air temperature rises from 85 degF to 95 degF.

We are glad of the lovely cool welcome from Tracey at our hotel for tonight.


We have ridden 9,559 km in Orlanda and 10,000km on Flower power.

19,559km so far. A few more to go.






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