Monday, 21 July 2014

Day 55: Sault Ste Marie, MI to Baragas MI 595km

Locks, canals, white fish, pike, trout an other aqua delights kept us amused last night.

Today we say goodbye to Sharon from Indiana who has been coming here for years.

We ride through the old town of Sault St Marie.

It is a cool 61degF/16degC

It doesn't get above 70degC/ 21degC all day.

We might fondly look back at this when we get to hotter places.

We have the road to ourselves for the first hour or so.
We were warned to watch for deer as we rode through the forests...
The Hiawatha National Forest Park.
These four way compulsory stops have additional lights strung up to alert drivers.

Red LEDs flicker around the stop sign.

The driver who arrives at the intersection first has right of way.

Meet Bob, Gus, Wally, Leftie, and Fred.
Wonderful gentlemen having their daily morning coffee.
They meet most mornings for coffee. We are learning about this custom.
All over the USA retired men meet at their local cafe most days; most often McDonalds.
Leftie told me he isn't retired - he still drives trucks.
Outside I spot this crop duster biplane.
Yes, they are power lines.
Evonne and Jim have been to New Zealand. They toured for three weeks in a camper van.
I hope that by the end of this bus trip they have convinced the other passengers that NZ should be their next destination.
Meanwhile they are on a road trip to Nova Scotia
Good bye Evonne.

Goodbye Newberry.

We are riding to Grand Marais for our next break.

That's the plan.

Through Newberry...

Along a scenic route through the Hiawatha forest.
There are snowmobile and ORV signs but we don't expect to see any snowmobiles today.
The sign said 'Seasonal road, not maintained'.
Looks OK.
Then bull dust and corrugations...
...are more than a match for these tyres.
Knobblies or Heidenau tyres would have been fine.
We decide to head back. We share the road with logging trucks.

Here we have a typical scene... Checking the route and setting up the GPS for the next stage.


Lunch at Munising where Marilyn enthuses about the Pictured Rocks.
We have Lake Superior company with us along the journey.
Sometimes the lake looks like a vast ocean.

Folk are swimming
We arrive at Baraga and decide to stay for the night.

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