Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Day 51: Fredericton NB to Montreal 859km

We are on a long journey along the motorway system from Fredericton to Montral via Quebec. We are repositioning ourselves for the next stage of the journey. It was a dreak start but the sun came out later in the morning.
It is the small things that catch my eye today.

We have a very special destination at the end of the day.
Saint Louis du Ha! ha! I had to Google the sign to discover that it is the name of a small town in New Brunswick.

Dick has divided the ride into six portions of 150km each. Just as well because for the first long strength there seems to be no road side food places, no fuel either. Maybe locals pull off into the towns.

We encounter some roadworks. Later we were stopped for major road work in Quebec. The first significant road works on our whole trip. Quite a contrast to 2012 when road works were common and it seemed as if every national park road was being tarsealed.

The landscape in New Brunswick was bush clad rolling hills and farmed river valleys in the distance.

Cropping and dairying features in Northern Quebec along the st Lawrence river.

We were on our way to stay with Chantal and Jean.
We first met in La Paz, Baja California as we boarded the ferry to Mazatlan. Later we sailed together on Stahlratte from Carti in Panama to Cartagena in Colombia.

Meet Chantal the chef.

And Chantal and Jean - two adventurers.
It was wonderful to reminisce and relive our time together with them and Team Kiwi and other riders on the trans Americas trip in 2012. Taka is still on the road, somewhere in Turkey. Then I realise we are back on the road, too.
Chantal has ridden over 150,000km on this bike. She also is an accomplished enduro rider, and author! She has published '53,000k to Dream' a graphic account of their ride from Montreal to Inuvik in the Arctic and south to Ushuaia in Patagonia.

Jean's eyes are very bright as he rides on Orlanda.


Ken said...

How cool! Give our love to Chantal & Jean. I have been browsing her blog. :-)

Diana said...

Yes,it was really wonderful to be with Chantal et Jean again. Lots of reminiscing - and remembering times with Team Kiwi and team North America. Chantal has recorded some of our shared stories and photos in her book.