Monday, 14 July 2014

Day 48: Eastport ME to Canada - Deer Island, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island 420km

From the coast of Maine, through New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island.
Two ferry rides, breakfast at 45 degrees north.
Help from strangers who are now friends.
Hurricane Srthur passed through Nsw Brunswick and Nova Scotia last weekend. There are thousands of households without electricity a week later.
Good bye Maine...
A ferry all to ourselves...
Hello Neal, the ferryman, to whom I am very grateful.
In our excitement about boarding the ferry I left my helmet and gloves behind.
Neal retrieved them and brought them over on the return ferry.
Thank goodness it was only a twenty minute ferry trip.
Leaving my helmet behind was a blessing in disguise.
While we waited...
... We had our best ever border crossing with a great welcome to Canada from two of Canada's finest customs officers.
...and Katherine.
Onwards for our late breakfast at the 45th parallel restaurant.
We have a house at 45 degrees South in Queenstown New Zealand.
Our breakfast was served by delightful Susan who is going to be in grade four in the fall.
Then another ferry ride.
A free ferry ride from Deer Island to the mainland, New Brunswick.
The ferry rides are relaxing interludes.
These are small whirlpools. The Bay of Fundy has some enormous whirlpools as the tides come in. We were sailing at high tide so missed seeing the big ones whirlpools up close.
We ride through a relatively flat rural New Brunswick...

And over the 12.9km Confederation bridge to Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island must be the equivalent to Canada that Ohakune is to New Zealand. There were huge areas of potatoes.

Barley, too.

And many white churches.

And houses with green gables.

Our arrival in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, coincided with a weekend of celebrations for the 150th anniversary of confederation of Canada.

We were lucky to get accommodation.

Another good day on the road.



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