Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Day 50: Dingwall, Nova Scotia to Fredericton New Brunswick 730 km

We would love to stay on in this peaceful place but the road calls.

We begin our journey westward.

The signs are all bilingual - English and Gaelic.
We follow the Cabot Trail and complete the circuit.

On the way is the Gaelic College and museum. Alas it is closed during the weekend...
But gracious Florence very kindly pone itup for us. A bus tour is booked to visit this morning.
There is an excellent display describing the highland clearances and the decisions of scots to emigrate. Scots went to Canada and America at first in the 1700's and then to New Zealand and Australia in the. 1800s.
There is a virtual Gaelic museum. Click here
Aberdeen Harbour is crowded with sailing ships
Being on the move is not a new thing in our family, nor in the families of many New Zealanders. My Grandfather James Catto and his family emigrated from Aberdeen to Minnesota in the late 1800's. He returned to Aberdeen, wed my grandmother Helen Anne Fowler and set off alone for New Zealand in 1909 when my mother was 2 and her little sister, Evelyn, a baby. They followed with their mother in 1911 and lived in Picton where he had found work as a plumber.
Nova Scotian Scots arrived Canada in the 1700's and farmed and fished around Pictou in Nova Scotia. In 1817 Norman McLeod. and his family set off for Nova Svotia. Life was hard with bleak winters. A potato famine and stories of a better life in Adelaide prompted a migration to South Australia. The gold rush was in full swing and the prices for housing and food were high. Waiapu in Northland New Zealand became the final destination for many of these intrepid folk. The photo above shows them in North Auckland.
Alexander Graham Bell, lived in Baddeck. He is well known as the inventor of the telephone but he also developed the first hydrofoil.
We are not alone on the road.

We met Bernie who is involved with the Cabot Trail Ride4thecure Breast Cancer fundraising in September. He expecta about 800 bikers.
Doris has a bike - we want to hear whether you went on the Cabot Trail Ride4thecure, Doris.
We leave the trail and ride west...

And further west...

Until we reach Fredericton.

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