Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Day 49: Prince Edward Island to Caribou Nova Scotia, Cabot Trail to Dingwall, Breton Island

Prince Edward Island is a fertile place. Very pleasant farming vistas reminiscent of England.
Huge acreages are under cultivation. 25% of Canada's potatoes are produced here. Vast fields of potatoes in flower. Huge McCains factory, lots of very large farm storage sheds, too.
A ferry ride from Prince Edward Island to Caribou in Nova Scotia.
Arrival by ferry or on the Confederation bridge is free. We pay to leave the Island. $can 40 for us and the bike.

Farewell Prince Edward Island - One time home of L M Montgomery author of Anne of Greengables. A childhood favourite book of mine. Many Japanese visitors come to lay homage to Anne - some wearing ginger plaits and plaid skirts.
I told the driver of this big truck that he was a big softie. He agreed.
Many bikes and cars are waiting to board the ferry to Prrince Edward Island.
Nova Scotia - the land of the scots who emigrated from the mid seventeen hundreds during the time of the highland clearances.
A paper mill. The first sign of major industrial plant since we arrived in Canada.
I am glad that there is a passing lane ahead. We have been following this over wide house for quite a distance.

Anne Marie, dick, Isabel and Mary. Three lovely ladies on their way to a week on Breton Island together.
Dick booked accommodation here at the tourist I fora,tail. Centre. We imagined that accommodation would be scarce since it was a summer weekend. It turned out that because of the hurricane last week many people had cancelled their bookings. A shame for the local businesses who have such a short window for summer trade.
The Nova Scotia Flag flies aloft.
We saw a TV paint advertisement and this was the colour.
Whilst many houses are white and barns are red some houses are sky blue or turquoise.
We stop for lunch at Subway where salads include a delicious lobster option.
Over the causeway to Breton Island.
The main reason we are here is to ride the Cabot trail.
We have perfect conditions for the ride to Dingwall in the north.

We are at the ends of the earth, as Far East from San Francisco as we can ride.
We are staying at the Markland in Dingwall and enjoyed a memorable meal.
Succulent local scallops in walnut butter.
Seafood chowder - Mussels, scallops, fish in delicate flavoured stock.

The lobster season closes today in this region so this is the last opportunity to enjoy the tender sweet flesh of local lobster. It was perfectly cooked and served with asparagus and potato salad. Both I which were a bit superfluous.
Wild blueberry pie followed. The blue berries had been harvested in locally. The secret ingredient was some lemon zest.
We enjoyed the company of Sandra and Anton from Boston at dinner tonight.
We solved all the worlds problems.
It is a supermoon (perigee moon) tonight. The moon is full and is close to east on it elliptical orbit.

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