Sunday, 13 July 2014

Day 47: Lincolnville to Eastport ME 336km

All is clear, all is bright.
Just as it was when we were at Deadhorse, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska with Ken and Shirley on our Team Kiwi motorcycle journey from the Arctic to Patagonia in 2012.
Buildings collapse into themselves. We have seen a few examples of collapsing old timber houses and sheds.
Some look like film sets.
In Bar Harbour the lobster shack colour scheme matches the sunny day.
Close by is the wharf.
We came here by ship a few years ago.
I couldn't raise images of the place until I was here and then recognition kicked in. I am glad I am blogging this trip because I can look back and be reminded of where we have been.
After our trans Americas trip Dick put together four books of photos and commentary. The books are far better than watching a slide show.
We ride up to Acadia National park. Lnce a favourite place of John D Rockefeller Jr who created the roading system and is reputed to have helped with the building of the stone bridges.
The Cajuns in Louisiana can trace their ancestry to the French who lived in the in Acadia in Northern Maine and Nova Scotia and other Maritime provinces. They were expelled during the French-English hostilities which preceded the Seven Years War 1756-1763.

The summit of Mt Cadillac 466m/1,500feet. 'The mountain is named for Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac who was granted possession of this Island in the late 16,00s by Kinf Louis XIV. Later Cadillac founded Detroit inspiring the name of the prestigious automobile.
The summit stones are multicoloured with lichens and mosses.
There are clear views of many islands in the area.
A good place to play.
Clouds like smoke rings.
Lunch at the Lobster Pound was a real treat.
Olivia is has the pickings from the lobsters and is about to make lobster with mac'n'cheese. (Macaroni cheese)
Olivia is going to Brevard College is Asheville, NC in the fall. She is going to study education. She will be a great teacher. She did an excellent explanation of what she was doing.
Lobster roll for lunch. Lobster with mayonnaise on a toasted warm bun with fries and coleslaw. That's the typical way of serving a lobster roll.
Mike took care of us, too. I had plenty of questions. For him.
First - what does lobster pound mean? It's a bit like a dog pound... Instead of keeping dogs in one place you keep lobsters. He took us to the room to see the aerated tanks with lobsters. Their claws closed with rubber bands.
Not only does Mike work in the Lobster pound he also works as sternman for his lobsterman brother on his lobster boat, 'Second Wind'. He gets up at 3.30am to go to sea. What a hard working man.
Why do you think that this lobster has one claw larger than the other?

Nicole created our lunch and introduced us to some lobsters in the tank.

What a great team of folk at this Lobster Pond.

Just when I began to think that most of the houses in Maine were painted white...
We rode by this fuchsia toned house...
And this periwinkle blue house.

Home for the night is Eastport, Maine. Right on the foreshore.

Eastport is the north easternmost town in the USA.

We get a marvellous welcome from Owen who was eighty last birthday. There were certificates honouring his athleticism at high school in 1951 and for his contribution to the community. Owen told us he had retired twice but it didn't suit him. What a charming gentleman.

On our way for a meal we see lovely flowers and nearby..

Greg and Darryl are installing a Little Free Library in the main street.
Darryl has built this perfect little house complete with carpet. By last year there were Little Free lIbraries in 50 states if the USA and 40 countries. 'Leave a book. Take a book'.
Are there any in New Zealand? I love the idea.

A calm evening. The tide is coming in. The tidal range is 22 feet here. Eastport is in the Bay of Fundy which has the biggest tides in the world.

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