Friday, 11 July 2014

Day 46: Bretton Woods NH to Lincolnville ME 294km

The ride from Bretton woods to Maine takes us through bush clad winding hilly roads.
There is very little traffic in the morning.
There are many ponds and marshes along the way.
We reach the coast in Maine, the traffic thickens and...
... we are back on Highway 1. We left Highway1 in Georgia.
Conway, New Hampshire.
We came through here by car years ago. That's when we learned what not to do if a police officer requests you to stop your vehicle.
In NZ we would get out of the car if the traffic police turns on the siren or signals us to pull over.
In the US if you get out of the car the officer will have his gun aimed at you in a split second.
Back then Dick put his arms up and got back into the car.
I was terrified at the time.
I hope we never get to find out the protocol if we get stopped on the bike.
We decide to stop at Lincolnville a small port near Camden.
The Stouter Inn has a room and worderful hosts, Catherine and Paul.

We go walkabout and the old anchor and lobster pot draws into the Whales Tooth Inn for dinner overlooking the harbour.
We are in Maine so it is lobster for us.
These weren't soft shelled - I needed help from the kitchen to break open the shells of the claws.
They are sweeter than New Zealand cray fish.
Lobster were frozen in the 1800's for the New York and Boston market. Chillers and freezers take care of preserving them for the market these days.
The lobster boats at anchor. Early start tomorrow morning for them.

Not quite so early for us.

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