Thursday, 10 July 2014

Day 45: Vergennes, Middlebury, Warren, Woodsville, Bretton Woods 260km

The road calls.
We say our fond farewells and succumb to the call of the road.
Come, ride with us through the lush green countryside of Vermont to Bretton Woods in New Hampshire.
Dick has the bike loaded and stickered with Vermont stickers.
The panniers provide plenty of space and the montage generates conversation along the way.
Goodbye Button Bay and our wonderful hosts.
Off we go along the shores of Lake Champlain before we head east.
Grand houses along the shores of lake Champlain..
We visited the Shelburne farm yesterday.

Stone houses wearing history from the 1700's
Marinas and jetties dot the shores of Lake Champlain.

Pete has made some excellent recommendations for our journey today. Including gravel roads in the rural areas.

Massive stone buildings in Middlebury house the College.

The little boys want to stop and stare as we wait at the traffic lights.
Day Lilies are everywhere in Vermont.

The roads through the mountains are enveloped in green deciduous forest and corten steel barriers blend nicely with the green.

Typical local country store with maple syrup and cheeses.

The sign covered bridge road tempted us off the main road.
We were happy to arrive in Warren Village for lunch at the local store.
Independence Day bunting is everywhere here. Flags,too.

The route check which precedes our departure at each stop. I am blessed with a diligent driver.
Interesting stock in the Warren store.
Cider anyone?
... or maple syrup?

Woodsville on the border between Vermont and New Hampshire has a very fine ice cream store.

Mt Washington hotel.

Home for the night.

Orlanda keeping good company...

...with a Duesenberg.

Bretton Woods is famous for the world economic conference held in 1944 that led to the establishment of the IMF.
The lift is manned, just like it always was.
MT Washington Hotel was built in 1902.

She's a grand place.

So grand that we are advised that wearing sneakers is not permitted in the dining room.

Ah well, we clean up our motorcycle boots and wear them.

My wardrobe is very limited.

It is amazing the difference my pearls make.

With views of Mt Washington in the distance.
A fine place to stay on the first day of this phase of our journey.
Dick has set the bar high.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the next stage of your journey... still giggling about your sneakers and bike boots! Lv to you both S and K

Diana said...

We were amused, too. When we were at The Greenbrier Dick had to wear a tie in the dining room. We both wore sneakers - and I wore my pearls. We could have smartened ourselves up and worn our motorcycle boots there, too.