Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Day 44: Vergennes VT

We wake to a tranquil morning.
All is calm on Lake Champlain
Overnight a red peonie has burst forth.
Danielle takes us to meet her brother Yvan.
We have heard a lot about him over the years, especially about the family maple sugaring gatherings. Here is the Plouffe Cabane. The sugar shack.
...and the bountiful vegetable garden.
.. An homage to a loved mother's quilting pattern...
Perky petunias at every window.
On we go - a rebuilt covered bridge on our way
The clasp on my pearls came adrift in my hands today.
A confirmation that it is time to go home.
A time to rethread our journey with other parts of our lives.
We have collected many little 'pearls' on this part of journey around the USA ..
People, people, people...
Kindness, smiles, friendship, consideration, hospitality...
Glorious scenery...
Safe journeys...
We have been blessed.

We have left Orlanda in the tender care of Pete and Danielle at Vergennes.
When we return I will resume blogging.
It has been wonderful to receive comments and emails from folk who are following our journey online.
Thank you.

We have been on the road for 44 days including rest days.
We have covered 13,400km
We have visited 21 states
We have visited national parks and monuments
Kings Canyon CA
Sequoiua CA
Bandelier NM
Whites Sands NM
Carlsbad Caverns NM
Smokey mountains NC
Shenandoah NC
Antietam National Military Park MD
Gettysburg National Military Park PA
And many state parks.

Dick planned a good time to ride across Southern USA.
The weather has generally been mild.
The exceptions were...
Early in May we had snow in the high Sierras and Taos.
The highest temperature was 104.5degF /40.5degC in Texas. The lowest was 31.5degF/ -0.3degC
We stopped once for heavy rain.


Kerian Savill said...

Fabulous pics and story as usual. Yes, we think it is time for you to come home too. We miss you. The pearls say it all.
Safe travels. Love Stu and Kerianxxxxx

Anonymous said...

How poignant that your pearls came adrift ... Looking forward to the next instalment of your journey when it begins. J, C n P xx

Stuart Burns said...

Safe travels, look forward to catching up with Dick next week