Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Day 43: Bolton Landing on Lake George NY to Vergennes VT, 87km

We give Orlanda a sleep in and board The Morgan to cruise through the Narrows on Lake George.

The narrator fills us in on the geography and history of the lake. Lake George lies on the land route linking New. York with Montreal - we were following the road signs yesterday. It feeds into Lake. Champlain in the north.

Later today we will ride through Ticonderoga site of Fort Ticonderoga built in 1700s which is a significant site during the French and Indian war and which was later pivotal in the American Revolutionary war. The cannons were captured and taken to Boston and the rest is history...

The Morgan - a replica of a 72' 19th century vessel takes us into the Lake George Narrows where there are 165 Islands, many are available for summer camping. The Adirondack State park manages the bookings and has a ranger station on Glen Island.
The lake is frozen in winter.
Boat sheds dot the shoreline.

..With smart homes nearby. This is a holiday place for New Yorkers.
... And water falls pour down the rocks after the recent rain.
The lake water is very clear. It reminds me of Lake Wakatipu.

Great places for day picnicking.
It is Fathers' Day in the USA and there are lots of families out on the lake and on the islands.
This bay is has a long history of famous visitors. Thomas Jefferson among them.
Déjà vue. As we return to the dock an Earnslaw lookalike appears.
The Lac du Saint Sacrement steam ship built in 1908.
It is time to ride the winding roads along Lake George.
Picnic on the pier.

Over the bridge to Vergennes.
... Down the long driveway, through the forest....
...To our home for the night.
...a serene place on the shores of Lake Champlain.
...with a loving welcome from Danielle.
Peonies in the garden - Tight buds that burst forth into luscious bloom with a most delicate perfume.
This photo is for my sister, Yvonne, who shares my love of these blooms. They were our mother's favourite, too.
Flowers evoke memories for me. As we ride along it might be the delicate perfume of briar rose, or the myrtle, or honeysuckle.
Today the peonies kindle memories of a warm heart, a warm hearth, good food and above all our mother's love.

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