Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Day 37: Lexington, rest day. Cooking lesson, classic cars and eating out.

Good morning.

A lesson from Danielle.
How to cook the perfect fried egg...
...first break the eggs into a bowl
..heat butter in a heavy based pan until it just begins to brown.

Put all the eggs in at once and season with salt and pepper...

Put the lid on the pan...

Then, here's the secret ingredient...
Pour a tablespoon or so of water down the side of the pan and replace the lid....
Remove the lid and serve perfectly cooked non-greasy eggs that are easy to lift from the pan.

Let's see how the afternoon unfolds...

Pete has a wonderful collection of classic cars.
This afternoon we are being driven in style - 1947 Chrysler style.

A Chrysler with connections. A Chrysler with electric windows.

She was the limo for The Greenbrier after WW11 and has carried Harry S Truman and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

And now it is our turn.

The flags of the era have been installed...

Danielle lent me a jacket but apart from that I am wearing my own clothes and my pearls.

Pete and Dick up front.
We arrive...
.. And get a special welcome.
The Greenbrier is gorgeous.
During the Cold War a fallout bunker carved out of the hill side. The bunker was for the emergency relocation of the US Congress.
There is a wonderful collection of photographs of folk who have visited.
Presidents, film stars, royalty, golf players- including evangelist Billy Graham who celebrated his 90th birthday here.
A round of Mint duleps - we are in the South.
There is a political feeling in the air.
Some lovely ideas for our house in Queenstown.

A perfect evening to wear my pearls!
We have a lovely dinner.
But first...My driver got commanded to put on a tie.
Being a Boy Scout he was prepared for this possibility.
I wonder if we could park the Orlanda in the foyer next time?

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