Monday, 9 June 2014

Day 36: Roanoke VA to Lexington VA81km/50miles

We are riding to Lexington to visit our friends Pete and Danielle.

It is a short lovely ride.

Come, ride with us through the leafy valley...

...with character-filled old barns...


and houses...

...corners with haybales.

The road narrows and the sealed road gives way to gravel road with a babbling brook alongside.

At the driveway entrance is a Killdeer hen with four eggs on a nest in the gravel waiting to greet us.

A line up of classic cars tells us we have arrived...
It is lovely to be with our friends Pete and Danielle and to meet Asher.
Pete is a history buff and a terrific teacher. This region was the location of civil war activity. We sit on the porch and ply him with questions about American history. We are now much better informed.
We go touring around Lexington in the afternoon in a 1937 Buick.

Grand houses.

The Washington and Lee university.
The hood is down and I am riding in the back with Danielle.

... just where I belong.

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