Friday, 6 June 2014

Day 33: Greenville to Robbinsville 250km

Oh wow...

...a camera battery flattening day.

I am using an Olympus Tough camera and my iPhone. I have taken most of the photos from the back seat of a moving motorcycle. Photos of people are usually when I am off the bike.

First stop was the Magic City Cycles bike shop for Orlando's first service.

There has been some discussion about Orlando's gender. Apparently all motorcycles are female - as far as men are concerned. So for Dick she is Orlanda.

We arrived at the Cycle service place at 7.45am for an early start; and in time to see a caste of men do the motorcycle ballet...

...a carefully choreographed dance as they placed bikes out on the display area.

Thomas gave Dick some special tips on the route through to the Smokey Mountains.

Bob was an early bird,too, looking at bikes. He had a yellow GS, just like Mella.

What a super helpful group at Magic City Cycles in Greenville.

They had us on the road again in no time.

Heading west involved riding back through the centre of town.

It looks so smart. Lots of trees....

The urban renewal in the CBD began around twenty years ago.
The river was filled with car bodies and junk and homeless people lived here.
Someone must have had a big vision for the restoration of old buildings and for the overall design.

We leave Greenville and Easley and ride into the hills.

Come for the ride...

I was holding the camera straight - the bike was thoroughly enjoying all the curves.

It is early-summer green, oaks, elms, hickory and the perfume of summer flowers and myrtle.




Into North Carolina.


Lunch stop at Highlands. A cool resort town at 4110feet. A respite from the lowland warm humid air. Lovely things in the shop windows and pretty planter boxes and hanging baskets.

There are many churches in towns and in the countryside. It seems that the largest buildings are usually churches.

More lovely rocks and greenery.
We crossed the Appalachian Walking Trail when we were nearing Robbinsville.


We are staying at the Two Wheel Inn and arrived to a Lovely welcome from Linda who with Barry has been here at Robbinsville for eleven years.
The extra-special feature is that the motorcycles get to have their own room adjoining the motel unit.
Orlando is a perfect fit.
In the field nearby is the Pizza Man, Glenn.
Yes, he was named after John Glenn.
Dick places the order.
... While I get talking with Glenn's wife Lisa, and Joey and lili who have dropped in for a visit.
They have a globe which gets us talking about where New Zealand is and Joey explains about the dateline and the equator.
Joey and Lili are home schooled and are as smart as tacks.
Brady is helping with deliveries tonight. He has just graduated high school and in eleven days will be heading off to join the army at a base in Missouri. He is going to train as a policeman. A charming fellow. I could get used to the southern charm. He explained that the folk in west North Carolina speak with a special accent. They do.
Today was a special day on the road.


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