Thursday, 5 June 2014

Day 32: Dublin GA to Greenville SC 206miles/332km

We are on the road to Greenville in South Carolina where Orlando will have his 1000km service.

Farewell Georgia.

For a short while we are back on US 1 heading north.
The road has lots of undulations, not many corners for Orlando, and very well kept road sides.


Thomson is a prosperous looking town.

Main Street - just like the movies.

Katrina gave us a wonderful Southern welcome when we popped inor breakfast.

Late spring cleaning at the Church.

Down the road we crossed a hydro dam and left Georgia.

The school year is not quite over here in South Carolina.
We dutifully stopped while a child alighted. Note the stop sign. Something we could do in NZ. Traffic in both directions must stop when the bus stops.
The man who owned this vehicle was keen to tell his story. His wife died some years ago and he hasn't seen his grandson since. The toys represent the lost years.
Tom came over and said that his hobby was sharing the Patriot's Essential Liberty pocket guide which has the stated mission to support the restoration of constitutional integrity and rule of law. It contains the texts of the Declaration of Independence and the constitution of the United States of America.
Maybe if I read this booklet I will get some background for the views we are seeing on bill boards in this region. There is a definite divide linked to whether folk are registered as republican or democrat voters.
The voting system is complex. Being a swinging voter would be incomprehensible here.
We are choosing Greenville for tonight.
I am glad we did.
Come and see why.

Meet Rick Erwin, mine host at his downtown restaurant.

Lovely meal and wonderful service from Rita.

Our first real olive oil in 32 days.

Meal prices are very reasonable in the USA even with the added service top of 15% or so.

The centre of Greenville has a wonderful feeling. It has undergone renewal. The river banks have stone walls, waterfalls, a concert venue, Shakespeare theatre site.

Lots of people are out with their dogs, their families and are enjoying an evening stroll.


We had a lovely shat with Dianne and Steve who were sitting on a bench near the statue of Greenville-born scientist Dr CharlesTownes a Nobel laureate physicist who developed the concept of Lasers.

The welcome sign to South Carolina says 'smiling faces and beautiful places'.
Greenville certainly has both in abundance.







Harry said...

A new left hand drive bike

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Is Orlando a boy or a girl?