Tuesday, 6 May 2014

San Francisco

We are in San Francisco.
Dick has gone to collect our steed and I am going exploring.

6,000 Girl Scouts escort me across the Golden Gate Bridge. Tney are celebrating their transition from Juniors to Cadets. They have come from all over the west coast states. 'Bridging' is a big tradition for them. 
I am about to transition from riding  pillion on Mella a BMW 1200 GSA to a BMW 1600 GTL E

We plan to ride South East through California, Arizona, Texas,  Oklahoma, Alalabama to Florida.

But first let's explore San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge
Crabs and sole for dinner at fisherman's wharf.

City hall.

What is this gull looking at?

Our new Motorcycle.

Our bags are packed.

Come, ride with us.


Stuart said...

Here we go again ...


Diana said...

Thrilled to know you are joining us, Stuart.

Ken said...

Have fun. Will be following you both! Shirley and Ken

Diana said...

Great. Welcome to our journey. We have been thinking about you both. As always there will be some surprises along the way.