Thursday, 8 May 2014

Day 5: Barstow to Flagstaff 388miles/624km

'Get your kicks on Route 66'
We are riding along parts of Route 66 today and parts of Interstate I-40 which was built after WW11. There are lots of interesting people - and derelict gas stations and houses along the route.
We stop in Amboy, Needles, Williams, Seligman and Flagstaff.
The photographs tell the story.


We stop at Amboy.

Amboy began as a salt mining place back in 1858. Her heyday was in the days when all he traffic came along Route 66. Nowadays there is a gas station and store and motels.

The Amboy volcanic crater is nearby. We had ridden through many miles of black volcanic rock and lava flows.


Sometimes Route 66 disappears. In this case it leads to road that is not maintained. Mella would have been fine but our Flower Power girl is not designed for rough roads.

This is a typical road scene. The mountains are weathered and have massive scree skirts which provide a gentle gradient.
Overall we ascend from 2178'/664m at Barstow to 6910'/2106m at Flagstaff.


Meet Jim. He is involved with the Ride to the Wall. Next week motorcyclists from all over the US will ride to Washington on a Veterans memorial ride.

Jim is organising the fuel and food stops along the way in California. We meet him in Needles. What an amazing effort volunteers like Jim put in to make things happen - here and at home in New Zealand.


Route 66 stops right alongside the Colorado river which forms the border between California and Arizona.

We find Route 66 again on the other side of the bridge.

The new BMW GSA. A bit of comparing going on here.
Steinbeck immortalised Route 66 in chapter 12 of the Grapes of Wrath. A poignant chapter about the migraines of the depression.
We stop at the Kingman Powerhouse Museum which has a Route66 section.
Steinbeck extracts from The Grapes of wrath
There is 'weather' brewing ahead. We miss the rainstorms that we can see on either side of the valley.
We stop at Williams to put on more layers. The temperature has dropped to 41.7degF/5.5degC
The windscreen on the bike can be moved - in these conditions I prefer it up. We are riding at 75+mph and the windchill reduces the already low temperature.



We stop at Seligman at the Route 66 Motoporium. Lots of memorabilia and useful things - including a zip tag which I can use to replace the interim padlock on my jacket. And a welcome hot cup of coffee.

Ladies beware. The restroom has residents...


What a wonderful man. John and his wife have an amazing collection of vehicles and stories. We wish we had more time to talk.


Where has Route66 gone?
We are not far from flagstaff and decide to stay on the I-40.
Our first rainbow for the trip.
A promise and a reminder.
Genesis 9:13 I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth.

We ride into the Kaibab National Forest. We are climbing up to 6000'.

The temperature is dropping.

I remember being in the Kaibab forest near the north rim of Grand Canyon on our 2012 ride. It was so cold then that I reckoned I was on the verge of hypothermia. No heated bike seat that trip.

Now on he bright side... We pass this remarkable vehicle with furry passengers.

Meet Max and Peaches. They are on their way to Sedona. They just snuggle down in their special box and keep out of the wind.

We stopped at this gas station because it was getting cold. Very cold. 35 degF 1.6degC.
Dick was wise to pull over even though we were only 10miles from Flagstaff...
It began to snow.
Definitely a night for a log fire...
... and pearls.





Ken said...

Was that a GS or a GSA Diana? Interesting crash bars. How are you enjoying the new ride? Ken

Diana said...

A blue GSA.

I am enjoying the ride. It is very comfortable. I sit higher and have a clear view over Dick's helmet.

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous! Love J