Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Day 3 Fresno to Porterville via Sequoia National Park

Come along for some surprises today as we ride from the San Joaquin Valley up into the high Sierra Nevada mountains.
We leave the fruit orchards and ride through green forests and as we gain altidude to above 5000' we see sequoia trees standing tall. We stop at the Kings Canyon National Park gates and get our annual pass. $80 for two on a motorcycle and it covers entry to any national park services park.
We stop for a break at Grant Grove Village visitor centre. The visit motivates us to go exploring through the Kings Canyon to the end of the road. The Kings River rages through the canyon and the landscape reveals the power of water to cut through stone.
As we reascend to the National Park centre at Grant Grove (6589' 2008m) the temperature begins to fall and we are enveloped in low cloud. It drops to 41.9 deg F (5.5degC) the lowest temperature we have ever experienced while riding on the bike. We didn't expect to be cold today - let alone as cold as this. We were prepared for it though - one of the benefits of carrying everything with us on the bike. The heated bike seat made a difference and so did layering up with Icebreaker and liners in our bike clothing.
The forecast is for snow tomorrow. I am glad we are able to see the Kings Canyon today.
The scenery is on a par with Yosemite but there are far fewer visitors.
As we leave Grant Grove low cloud reduces visibility and the redwoods loom in the mist as we ride into the Giant Forest in Sequoia National Park.




The switch backs from Beetle rock to the flats take us from 6409' 1954m. To 2820' 860m it reminded us of Bear Mountain Pass.

Clear skies at Lake Kaweah with the clouds over the distant hills we have been riding among.



We ride on to Porterville in the Southern San Joaquin Valley. It is 80degF 26degC. We decide to stay here for the night.
Surrounded with orange groves, cherries, strawberries, date palms and the biggest distribution centre I have ever seen - Walmart.
A day of temperature extremes.
Two national parks - Kings Canyon and Sequoia national Parks.
I have discovered Blogsy App for my iPad so regular blogging service will resume.


Distance 340km



Dave Browning said...

Have just caught up with your Blog. The new bike is very impressive! Whoo what scenery. We will be following with interest - Dave & Judy

Diana said...

Glad to know you are with us via the blog. I am enjoying the new pillion perch.
She is an attention getter which is good because we get to meet more people along the way.