Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Day 24: Homestead to Key West 130miles/209km

Let's ride to Key West.

It is a short day's ride.

I am reminded about the skill of engineers again today. Those who design and build big projects and those who design and make mechanical and electrical systems involved in our Flower Power machine. I am especially thinking of Richard who shares my birthday. And my brothers.

Come with us along this extraordinary part of Highway US1 which connects many islands or keys of this tropical archipelago. The Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Gulf of Mexico to the west.

There was a lot more traffic on the roads than I show in these images. It is the day after a long weekend, Memorial Weekend.

It is a lovely day for a ride. The photographs tell the story.



A railway track was put in place a hundred years ago. I am guessing that the broken bridge on our right was part of it.


Most of e keys that we ride over are built up with housing, shops and medical facilities and the like. I am curious about how water is supplied and trash disposed of.



We are in the tropics at 23deg 33'N

And we arrive at the southernmost point of the USA mainland.

90 miles from Cuba.

Closer to Havana than to Miami.


A good place to stay for a rest day.


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