Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Day 23: Dunedin FL to Homestead FL 290 miles/467km

The Sunshine Skway bridge across Tampa Bay is the highlight of the morning. The bridge is 4.1 miles long and 431feet high.

It is a long way up...

..and a long...

...long way down.

The Skyway bridge is the highest we have ridden on. It replaces a former bridge which was damaged in 1980 when a ship collided with a pier.
We rode through many miles of Everglades. We looked out for panther crossing. Saw none, nor a zebra crossing.
Air boats have featured in film and TV but we had never ridden in one until today. JR takes a group of us for a spin. Rather like a jet boat ride, complete with shallow water, riding over dirt banks and fast turns.



We didn't see any panthers on the road but there were some in captivity.
We get cuddle an alligator. Wally is his name.
His handler is Mike the 'gator man.


Back on the road.
More Everglades.
Sometimes I entertain myself with questions on the back of the bike.
Here is one. Ignoring perspective - How many parallel lines can you find?
Lovely clouds ahead. No rain.

We decide to stop at Homestead near Key Largo.

We have reached the east coast of America.


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