Sunday, 25 May 2014

Day 21: Montgomery AL via Panama City to Tallahassee FL 342miles/550km

Today is a short ride to Tallahassee...
Let's take a look at the road as we ride along.
Spot the different between the first photographs.
A very useful visual cue.
We could do this in New Zealand.
The 'normal' roads with single lane in each direction have yellow centre marking.
The dual carriageway roads have white centre marking.
When we swap from dual carriageway to normal roads the road markings remind us of the change. In any case we should be "righty, righty" here in the US- Eh, Ken?
We came across some topes today, too.


We rode through some pretty little towns. It really stands out when civic organisations take care of the environment. I couldn't help thinking about the change in the road sides back home in Auckland when the council stopped mowing the grass.
Today is lawn mowing day, Saturday. Most houses seem to have a large front yard. Men on their ride on mowers were filling the air with the smell of new mown hay.
It is also flea market day in some places.
During the lunch stop we decide to follow where the road takes us...
This decision turned a short ride into one of our longer efforts.
The road took us to the Gulf of Mexico at Panama City and through small resort towns. Over long bridges linking Islands.
Hurricane season starts next week. Has my driver included one in our itinerary?

These houses are built right in the beach. What happens to them in a hurricane?

Elections are coming up. Voting for the judge, the tax collector, the auditor, the sheriff is all a novelty for us. These roles are all appointed and approved by the public service in NZ.


At 6pm we arrived in Tallahassee. We had prebooked a hotel, something my driver occasionally does so there was a room waiting.

And nearby was an Outback restaurant. A loosely Australian themed place.

We were seated next to a very happy bachelorette party. They were having lovely time together.

I discovered one reason why people like to talk to us...they like our accent. But, as all kiwis know, New Zealanders don't have an accent.

Gorgeous MaryJo is getting married on 14 June. Her 2 sisters and a friend will bridesmaids.



Best wishes for your wedding day for your marriage, Mary Jo.


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