Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Day 15 PartB. Mena AR to Eureka Springs AR 166miles/267km

We are on our way to Eureka Springs.
Meet DeeWayne who is riding with his friends. We had a great chat while he did his Harley housework.
We forgo this for breakfast...
...and head north where we not only get breakfast but the most beautiful smile from Syndee.
We were thinking of you Ken when we saw this sign.
This advice also applies to camera use.
Soon we are riding through deciduous forests. Oak, sycamore, cotton wood, maples all in their lush early summer leaves.
Sometimes we see the forest engulfing houses and sheds from days gone by.
Time for a cuppa at Granny's.
I notice that she is chained to the wall.

It is a biker friendly place.

We have seen more motorbikes in Arkansas than any other state so far.

My driver is enjoying these roads.
Not much traffic and lovely bends.
The road signs warn 'Crooked steep roads next 37miles'.

We arrive mid afternoon at Eureka Springs and set off exploring. I choose the museum and well after closing time I am still talking to Mary Jean who is very knowledgable about this region.

Meanwhile my driver is rehydrating over the road




Live music and delicious food on the Basin Hotel balcony bring the day to an end.





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Ken said...

Ah yes. If it doesn't move and it should move, CRC. If it moves and it shouldn't move, duct tape! :-)