Sunday, 18 May 2014

Day 14: Wichita Falls TX, Hugo OK, Mena AK 312miles/502km

We are up bright and early at Wichita Falls and prepare for a day on the road.
We meet cheerful Wanda and Delbert at breakfast. They are here for their grandson's wedding.
I am always surprised by how quickly a bond can form. Friendships may be lifelong or as long as a heartbeat. It is a mystery. A precious, mystery. A gift from God.
It is a blessing, an encouragement as we go on this journey. We are never alone.
We meet biscuits and gravy for the first time on this trip. I prefer raspberry jam and cream with my scones (biscuits in the US).

Our morning break is at Hobo Joes in Oklahoma. A roar of motorcycles is parked outside so it must be good.

Gene and his friends have come on a trip especially for breakfast. A friendly group they are, too.
Just along the road I spot an automatic ice vending machine. It looks like a small shipping container with delivery shoots.
Now which direction shall we take?
We stop for lunch in Hugo.
The tagline on the Hugo town welcome sign is 'where good character counts'.
Look closely and you will see nest-building birds.
Braums are at the top of our lunch salad leaderboard. Our salads include blueberries and strawberries with freshly cooked chicken and olive oil and vinegar.
On the road heading for Arkansas.


We ride through extensive forests of oak, sycamore, dogwood and maple.
We arrive at Mena AR in the late afternoon and decide to stay.
Another good day on the road.



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