Thursday, 15 May 2014

Day 11 part B Taos, Las Vegas, Vaughn, Carrizozo, Alamogordo 305miles/488km

We rode out of Taos after our early morning visit to Pueblo Taos and within minutes we were in a winter wonderland.
We are glad that we waited a day in Taos. It would have been snowing in these mountains yesterday.
The clear sky and sparkling snow made this a WOW! part of our journey.
There were more to good things come...

The Sipapu ski and summer resort looked confused today. There is snow on the ski trails behind the base station.
We began to ascend again. And had the joy of more snow scenes. It was 33.1degF/0.6degC at one stage
Cattle are grazing in the snow.

And then we arrive in Las Vegas NM.
Charlie's cafe calls to us.
Inside is a crowd of locals, and the biggest cream puffs I have ever seen. Taryn gets them out of the cabinet so that I can give you an idea of their size.
There is a lovely atmosphere in this cafe.
Beside them in the cabinet are Long Johns - chocolate eclairs that are about 10"/22cm long. I am agog.
I get chatting to Lupita. Within moments I had found a new friend.
She had a career in education and I can imagine her being a wonderful teacher.
She was a student at college here in Las Vegas about 50 years ago and said that Charlie's was around then,and yes the cream puffs were, too. She had been known to eat them.
On the road again heading South on route 84.
Puffs of cloud - like a picture in a story book.
We stop at Vaughn for lunch.
I spot Penny's diner.
We are thinking of you Penny and Rod.
60's music welcomed us, 'One Fine Day...'
Such a cool place.
We met sisters, Pat Brady and Rosemary, who are driving to Houston.
We have such fun when we meet people on the road. Thanks, Pat for this photo.
We ride on to Carrizozo, Lincoln county and stop for a break.
Billy the kid lived here and died at 21. He is immortalised for his part in the Wild West in the 1870's in this area.
Carrizozo is also the nearest town to the Trinity Site for the first atomic bomb test on 16 July 1945.

We can see the While Sands Desert to the west. Some areas are cultivated. Here is the world's largest pistachio. Nearby are wineries.
We arrive in Alamogordo after a wonderful day on the road.
If we have chatted with you during our travels please feel welcome to contact me by email. I am happy to email a photo of you that you see in my blog.

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