Thursday, 15 May 2014

Day 10: Taos

We have a bonus day in Taos

It is snowing in the morning so we decide to stay another night here.

I don't usually add ice to water or soft drinks at home. It seems especially superfluous on a day when it is snowing. I have noticed that glasses are often more than half filled with ice. I wonder about the energy required to produce the ice.

We go for a longish walk into the old part of town. If we had seen this sign yesterday I would have happily gone in and sung a song for 50% discount. Dick suggested that if he sang, too, we could stay for free.

Local art and craft snipes are abundant.

Quirky title. I also saw a business 'Jack Wrap it' for packing and shipping.

It is snowing in the mountains but the sun comes out over Taos town.

Adobe architecture is common including for churches and McDonalds.

Local colour.
A chicken enchilada and sopapilla for lunch with rice and refried beans. We noticed a lot of local vehicles outside a diner and took the hint and joined them inside. The sopapilla is like a bread pillow - delicious with honey.

We are relaxed and ready to see what tomorrow brings.


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