Saturday, 31 May 2014

Day 27: Okeechobee to Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral FL

We are getting closer to a special milestone on this ride.
We had a lovely conversation with Lois who suggested we ride an alternate route
The route took us through miles of serene tree-lined road.
... And out the other side to the highway north.
We are back on US1 and riding over the bridges to the coastal area.
We stop for lunch and meet Margarette- follow your dream and visit New Zealand.
A special welcome awaits us as we arrive in Cocoa Beach.

We are very happy to be with our friends Jim and Bernie Kennedy.
Who in their wonderful way introduce us to Rick and Lois...
..and take us to their favourite local restuarant for chicken...
... And prawns...
Surrounded by friends - and photographs of astronauts for whom this was a favoured local eatery.

...and back home for delicious pineapple rum cake created by Larry.

Tomorrow awaits...


Friday, 30 May 2014

Day 26: Key West to Okeechobee 270miles/434km

There is only one way to go.

We are on our way to a very special destination for the weekend.
Meanwhile come with us over the bridges linking the keys.
There are hundreds of keys including a No Name Key, Phillip Key but no John Key.
As we ride on Key Largo clouds loom ahead.

We stop for a break and meet Cindy with Julia and Jake.

What a bubbly trio. Cindy has been to New Zealand and wants to return.

We are self appointed specialist New Zealand 'tourist ambassadors' when we are on our motorcycle journeys. We meet lots of people who are interested in our country.

We are only an email away for those of you who want more information.

Uh oh, we thought we had missed the rain. Never mind, it is warm rain and doesn't last long.
Clear skies as we ride near Okeechobee. Canals bring water to the fields. Sorghum and sugar cane crops and lots of cattle.
School is still in for children in this area.


A glimpse of lake Okeechobee beyond the levees.
These spectacular clouds bring us to Okeechobee town and we find a place to stay.


Another lovely day for a ride.


Day 25: Key West

My driver has planned a rest day in Key West so that we could celebrate my birthday.
Come and see the town.
These lovely ladies sang Happy Birthday to me. This is their home town.
Over the road...
Something to remind me of Joce and the Third Space Te Papapa Preschool Project.
"So we built the wall: For the people had a mind to work."
Nehemiah 4:6
Cute pastel coloured cottages....
...with porches.
Why did the chicken cross the road?
A little touch of Cuba.
Artists and writers ...
We went on a trolley ride and the guide talked about writers who lived here including Tennessee Williams 'A streetcar named Desire' and Ernest Hemingway 'Murder in the afternoon!
Hemimgways house is a popular visit for cat lovers.
A sunset cruise...

We met BK and MonaLisa from Boston. We loved their company.

They have been married a year. Gorgeous wedding photos on their smart phones. Such a happy couple.

A very happy birthday.
Three days of celebrations.
Notice the key lime green pearls!