Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Round trip - Queenstown to Milford Sound and Bluff

One month ago we were cruising into Milford sound on Celebrity Solstice.
It was a day just like this…
Today we arrived by motorcycle from Queenstown.

This ride is one of the best in the world.
In encompasses components of the highlights of all our rides.
I am using my iPhone as a camera today.
Mitre Peak at the head of Milford Sound.

Flight check before departure at 8.00am...
 The sun came out as we rode up the Eglington Valley.
 The Homer tunnel entrance in the rocky Darran mountain range.
We wait for the lights to change to green and ride down the steep grade.
The last time we rode through here was only my fifth day riding pillion. Thank goodness someone has swept the loose gravel off the tunnel road surface since the last time we were here.
 An avalanche shelter protects the portal on the west end of the Homer tunnel.
 The spectacular Cleddau Valey welcomes us.

  The Hollyford river in the foreground.
The Routeburn track traverses the mountain face in the distance.

Meadows along the road back to Te Anau.

 We stayed overnight at Manapouri and set off next day for Queenstown via Tuatapere, Bluff, Gore, Raes Junction,  Central Otago and home to Queenstown.
 We stopped at the Yesteryear cafe in Tuatapere. We love this cafe.
Jim Reeves welcomes us with 'Roses are red my love...'
Helen has collected together a marvellous trove of domestic treasures that remind me of my childhood. So do the food goodies in the cabinet.
We leave with raspberry, apricot, blackcurrant jam that Helen has made from fresh fruit using Aunt Daisy's recipes.

Then to Bluff and the southern end of state highway 1. (46' 36" 54sec south  168'21'25 sec East).
We have motorcycled to the end of the road in Argentina, Australia and New Zealand.  The only other southernmost destination in the Southern hemisphere for us to ride to is in South Africa.

We head north and stop for Dick to buy some fresh Bluff oysters.
The Foveaux Strait Bluff oyster season opened last week.
His happiness is complete.

We stop at Hubbers emporium in Invercargill and then ride home to Queenstown
the long way round.


Stuart said...

So ... is Cape Agulhas calling?


Diana said...

Ah, Watch this space...

Anonymous said...

Wow we live in a great country! Love the enamel ware at the café.
Love to you both Jayne, Callum and Miss Piper xxx

Diana said...

We surely do!
This region is majestic - especially from the back of a motorcycle.
Trees were beginning to show some colour - autumn has begun.